I am Emma Johnson.

I am an artist explorer working to create multidisciplinary art journeys that navigate boundless, interior, emotional geographies.

My work essays at integrating photography, poetry and painting, for live and video performance.

By paying attention to fluidity, hybridity and multiplicity I use my lens to layer reality upon itself to create new, unfixed, magical geographies. I use words to travel landscapes of thought, memory and myth that exist within, often writing in response to phenomenon I perceive in the natural world.

My art practice is the way I assert my aliveness and attempt to web the fragmentary. It is constantly unfolding, with delight.

Nowadays, I live and work in London, finding inspiration in what the sky here does, and walking alone or with friends in Hampstead Heath.

I started out in Malta in 1992, leaving the Mediterranean shores in 2008 for the coast of British Columbia where I attended Lester B Pearson United World College of the Pacific. My path took me to Rhode Island in 2010, where I graduated from Brown University four years later, with one degree and many questions.

what is the stage where dreams happen?


you can reach me at:


insta: whale_vein